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Jeff Bernheisel

Licensed Broker - Hilshire Realty Group at eXp Realty

Jeff Bernheisel

Jeff Bernheisel

Licensed Broker - Hilshire Realty Group at eXp Realty

Jeff has been a pillar in the national real estate marketing scene since 2007, having travelled the country working with agents on creative digital marketing strategies.

He’s been featured on CNN, Huffington Post, Inman News, and several other industry related publications speaking on the topics of copywriting, SEO, Facebook advertising, and has even worked with people like Gary Vaynerchuck.

Jeff takes great pride in all things he touches and now is putting his unique skill set to use for his own clients, helping them sell their houses at top-dollar prices with grace and elegance.

Previously, Jeff was a project manager at 1000watt Consulting where he helped provide guidance on marketing/branding initiatives for real estate clients across the country.

Prior to serving as a project manager for 1000watt, Jeff was the Marketing Director for M Realty, an innovative Portland area real estate brokerage and Inman News, a national real estate news publication.

He knows what it means to do progressive marketing within the context of the real estate industry, he understands how to use social media to get results, and the technologies to succeed in today’s competitive real estate environment.

Jeff lives in the Roseway neighborhood in Portland, Oregon with his French bulldog Sophie, and can often be found relaxing with friends while enjoying a dram of whiskey from his vast collection.

You can reach Jeff at 503-780-4596 or

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