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If land is what you're looking for, then shop at LandForSaleStore

If land is what you're looking for, then shop at LandForSaleStore

Contact Information:

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phone | 1-888-205-6090

fax | 1-800-833-6091

mail | 25 Telser Rd. #463, Lake Zurich, IL 60047

Gwen in FL -  “My husband and I were very pleased with your service and quick closing on the property . . . Thanks so much.”

Ivonne D in TX -  “Thank you very much, I am so happy and excited!”  

Please note that LandForSaleStore and are not licensed real estate businesses, but even better, a marketplace and brand name through which properties are bought and sold directly as “For Sale by Owner” transactions. In other words, we own most of our properties.

In this business, the only measure of success is your 100% satisfaction. Once you finish shopping, and find the right property for you, we take care of everything.

Plus, terms buyers don't have to pay anything for 30 days, except a small doc fee. We don't want your money first, like others do, and then have you fight for it back if you change your mind. Plus, you even get a further discount if you pay off early. Cash buyers typically get a nice discount too. 

Some other features you might also like are our monthly emailed notifications of new properties and more. Sign up at the bottom of any page. And our LandBuzz blog, where you can read informative and hopefully helpful articles about land.

Remember, we bought most of our properties first so you can shop with confidence.

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